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Local Trending Topic «Chloe and Kelly» in Perth (Australia): What people are talking about «Chloe and Kelly» on Twitter in Perth (Australia).

Last Ocurrence of Trending Topic «Chloe and Kelly» in Perth (Australia) was on 23rd of April of 2014.

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  • Chloe and Kelly's new kitchen adventures

    10/05/2015 20:00
    LIVE CHAT: Kelly and Chloe answer your questions this Tuesday; NEXT WEEK: Kelly and Chloe's first food review for PerthNow; WIN: A meal for you and seven friends in next week's STM. IT'S Friday afternoon and while the rest of the city winds down for ...

  • Q&A with Chloe and Kelly

    11/05/2015 19:37
    From how they deal with trolls, to their favourite restaurants and who would win in a fight, Chloe and Kelly answered dozens of readers' questions. In case you missed it, the pair also shared tips on the perfect poached eggs and confessed their ...

  • Dynamic foodie duo join PerthNow

    09/05/2015 11:56
    And while the 29-year-olds are not qualified chefs, they believe their food passion, successful stint on MKR, their catering and private dining business, and running cooking schools in Perth and Brisbane, Chloe and Kelly Pty Ltd, gives them the ...

  • My Kitchen Rules' former villains Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay turn on each ...

    31/03/2015 09:18
    The curse of My Kitchen Rules has struck again as Chloe and Kelly, the most villainous contestants of the show, turn on each other after 13 years of friendship. Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay are considered by some to be the most hated contestants in MKR ...

  • OD makes surprise A grade turnaround - 27-May-2015

    27/05/2015 01:48
    Shooters Matilda Cordy and Miranda Syversten worked hard against OD Yellow's rotating defenders – Sienna Brougham and Chloe and Kelly Reid. OD Yellow was unable to bridge the gap in the third quarter, with the Miners maintaining their seven-goal ...

  • Kelly Ramsay on love, work and life after My Kitchen Rules

    05/12/2014 17:22
    The pair are busy running Chloe and Kelly, their own private catering company, as well as launching their own cooking school. They are also working on a pilot for a TV program with Ramsay revealing “life's pretty hectic”. And despite being cast and ...

  • My Kitchen Rules' Chloe and Kelly post selfie and invite Matt Moran to join them

    28/11/2014 23:57
    Popular contestants from last season's series of My Kitchen Rules, Chloe James and Kelly Ramsay, are putting themselves back in the spotlight. The girls took to Instagram on Saturday to post a selfie together in their barely-there pyjamas while ...

  • MKR villains Chloe and Kelly bullied and abused

    20/08/2014 21:00
    MKR's Chloe and Kelly say they were unfairly edited to be villains by the show producers. They were the team everyone loved to hate. But My Kitchen Rules finalists Kelly Ramsay and Chloe James say it's gone too far. The pair lost last night's MKR grand ...

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  • MKR – Chloe and Kelly Invite You to 'Lunch' | FlawlessVision

    02/04/2015 01:54
    You know, one of the things Rico and I love to do over the MKR Easter break is get drooling drunk and try to unwrap a Lindt chocolate bunny without tearing the foil or bursting into tears. The other thing that's fun is to ...

  • Chloe and Kelly – MKR lunching :) | perthmunchkin

    15/02/2015 03:34
    I do like to try new things though and when I saw that last year's MKR runners up and WA gals Chloe and Kelly were expanding their catering offering to include Wednesday lunches, I was super keen to try them. Now I'll admit ...

  • MKR Finale Chloe and Kelly Vs Bree and Jess | ThePopHub

    28/04/2014 20:16
    Was I the only one who thought, after all the promotion, we'd be seeing a Chloe and Kelly vs Helena and Vikki finale? So, Chloe and Kelly plus Bree and Jessica in the finale of My Kitchen Rules 2014....Who'd have thunk it?

  • Chloe and Kelly's new kitchen adventures | Perth Newz

    10/05/2015 21:04
    Chloe and Kelly's new kitchen adventures. MY Kitchen Rules “villains” Chloe and Kelly are turning their fame into a successful food business. What's next on the plate for our new food critics? | LIVE CHAT TUESDAY…

  • Yoolanda News | Chloe and Kelly's new kitchen adventures

    10/05/2015 20:16
    To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer 7, 8 9. Open the Internet Browser; Click Tools Internet ...

  • MKR villains Chloe and Kelly win over tradies' hearts ...

    19/03/2014 10:00
    MKR villains Chloe and Kelly are on top after winning last night's tradie lunch challenge. The Perth mates, who have been nicknamed the reality cooking show's "know it alls", won the hearts of Sydney construction workers ...

  • Showdown brewing? Chloe and Kelly amongst food truck ...

    15/03/2014 10:00
    THE Perth mates could face their rivals, twins Helena and Vikki, in sudden death if they lose tomorrow's cook-off. They were part of tonight's losing group.

  • Manu schools Chloe and Kelly in French cooking on MKR ...

    17/02/2014 09:00
    PERTH "know it alls" Chloe and Kelly were a bit less cocky the second time around on My Kitchen Rules tonight. The girls were out to prove a point that their cooking is more than mediocre after landing in the third instant ...

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