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Trending Topic «Chloe and Kelly» in Perth (Australia)

Local Trending Topic «Chloe and Kelly» in Perth (Australia): What people are talking about «Chloe and Kelly» on Twitter in Perth (Australia).

Last Ocurrence of Trending Topic «Chloe and Kelly» in Perth (Australia) was on 23rd of April of 2014.

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    • Perth Now: Samantha Armytage: Daring to be herself and still dancing amid busy year

      24/10/2014 07:43She warns, with a wickedly unrepentant laugh, that there will be dancing this coming weekend. And, yes, it may be dodgy. So viewers should probably assume the brace position before she and Sunrise co-host David Koch and the rest of the team decide to ...
      more »

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    • FLUFF: Bree and Jessica beat Chloe and Kelly ... - Mamamia

      Lauren Williamson - 29/04/2014 15:30South Australian mums Bree and Jessica have taken out the My Kitchen Rules title after defeating resident villains Chloe and Kelly from Western Australia. The controversial cook-off started with the aptly dressed women ... more »

    • Was My Kitchen Rules rigged? Chloe and Kelly go through ...

      Mamamia Fluff - 28/04/2014 15:00My Kitchen Rules? More like My Kitchen Riggs The Results. That's what angry fans are saying after last night's episode, when South Australian mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich beat 26-year-old Victorian twinsies Helena ... more »

    • MKR Finale Chloe and Kelly Vs Bree and Jess | TVNOW!

      AnthoBuzz - 28/04/2014 20:16Was I the only one who thought, after all the promotion, we'd be seeing a Chloe and Kelly vs Helena and Vikki finale? So, Chloe and Kelly plus Bree and Jessica in the finale of My Kitchen Rules 2014....Who'd have thunk it? more »

    • MKR villains Chloe and Kelly win over tradies' hearts ...

      unknown - 19/03/2014 10:00MKR villains Chloe and Kelly are on top after winning last night's tradie lunch challenge. The Perth mates, who have been nicknamed the reality cooking show's "know it alls", won the hearts of Sydney construction workers ... more »

    • Kelly and Chloe serve up best and worst dishes on MKR ...

      unknown - 09/04/2014 10:00FROM decadence to disaster, Chloe and Kelly's ultimate instant restaurant took a downward spiral on My Kitchen Rules last night. The girls were boasting about getting farther than any other WA team on the show as they had ... more »

    • Showdown brewing? Chloe and Kelly amongst food truck ...

      unknown - 15/03/2014 10:00THE Perth mates could face their rivals, twins Helena and Vikki, in sudden death if they lose tomorrow's cook-off. They were part of tonight's losing group. more »

    • Manu schools Chloe and Kelly in French cooking on MKR ...

      unknown - 17/02/2014 09:00PERTH "know it alls" Chloe and Kelly were a bit less cocky the second time around on My Kitchen Rules tonight. The girls were out to prove a point that their cooking is more than mediocre after landing in the third instant ... more »

    • My Kitchen Rules contestant Kelly Ramsay has been ...

      Mamamia Fluff - 08/05/2014 16:00Chloe and Kelly MKR Celeb news: My Kitchen Rules bully contestant hospitalised after finale. Chole and Kelly on MKR. Kelly said that being framed as bullies on the show has taken its toll on her and Chloe, and insists that ... more »

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